25 April 2019

The Two Percenters

Twitter isn’t real life. In other words, whatever sort of opinions or consensus you see as the mainstream on Twitter does not reflect the actual consensus of normal people who are not cursed with the pathological need to refresh the bird web page all day. . . . A new report from the Pew Research Center seems to, in broad terms, back up the idea that Twitter is not real life in that it does stray from the overall demographic makeup of the United States. . . . Pew’s survey determined that 80 percent of all tweets come from the most active 10 percent of tweeters. Put another way, much of the conversation happening on Twitter comes from about 2 percent of Americans.
Read that again. 2 percent. And, as this piece also points out:
Twitter is not a good place to get a read on popular sentiment about anything really, but it is a great place to get your sentiments echoed and in front of people with large megaphones: politicians, celebrities, cable news hosts.
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